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An African leader once said “Better poverty in liberty than wealth in bondage” and this philosophy, too should sink deep in the mind of every citizen, despite challenges.

South Sudan took over 20 bloody years to gain independence and total freedom of the citizens is yet to be achieved but nothing must distract the focus.

As we keep making strides, each year, the nasty past must be a reminder of not turning back where the journey hasn’t been smooth nor sweet, but the twinkle of goals and bliss ahead.

Every Kingdom has a history that brings teary eyes, including the most reverend religions, however, the saints of the calamitous moments can’t be forgotten.

Thirteen years are worthy of jubilation as other hurdles are ironed out.

However, citizens look forward to the Transitional Government of National Unity addressing obstacles for the country’s key milestone, holding credible elections.

Marking of the 13th Independence anniversary brings us to task the Transitional Government of National Unity, what it has in the basket, for the citizens?

Expectation of the majority is that the transitional government expedites measures necessary to conduct free, fair, and peaceful elections.

National Electoral Commission (NEC) declared 22nd December, this year as a polling day for the first democratic elections but squabbles have since arisen over the date.  Arguably, a number of issues that would lead to the credibility of the exercise are yet to be addressed.

The national transitional government is therefore obliged to implement the 2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement to expedite the roadmap for a transition to democracy.

Thirteen years ago, citizens after enduring hardship and sacrifices, took to votes to determine their own destiny, giving birth to Independent South Sudan. Soon or later, in similar manner, the citizens of this young African Nation expect to do so, to determine their democratic leaders.

Only by upholding our independence in peace and harmony, that this great aspiration of the citizens to exercise democratic rights of choosing leaders in a free and fair atmosphere will come to pass.

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