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Keeping aside the saying that “Africans believe by seeing”, considering proficient alerts on rainfall patterns helps in mitigating losses of lives and property.

South Sudan was forewarned of Saturday-Sunday downpours with flash floods that destroyed houses and other property, but Juba residents paid little attention.

According to the meteorological weather focus, between 19th -21st May, the country will receive “above normal” rainfall, which is a dangerous indicator for citizens to brass.

Our adamancy to early warnings and alerts often ends up disastrous and with regrets, over avoidable circumstances.

Avoiding inhabiting watersheds and swamps, protection of natural vegetation along valleys, mountains forests and so forth prevents disasters but pieces of advice are seldom heeded.

An assumption that God-given things are free to vandalize without control, is to misconstrue the real purpose of creation. The creator only permits a man to utilize it responsibly, not to exhaust it.

Reciprocate resonance of excessive misappropriation of natural resources is dire, which is at play.

Besides deforestation, environmental degradation and devastation of wetlands and watersheds, unchecked pollution in its numerous aspects, is widespread.

As the Hebrew Prophets shouted their throats sore, to warn the people against God’s wrath, their calls were never heeded till catastrophe befell, however, this mentality seems to prevail even among the Gentiles to date.

Today, we have experts, political, religious and community leaders, to guide us on better ways of life, but unless we heed their advice, disasters will befall us.


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