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Unveiling of school land sale by Central Equatoria state government depicts the epitome decay of trust on our leaders, hence culprits shouldn’t go Scot free.

Thank, Hon. Awut Deng Acuil, the national Minister of General Education and Instruction as well as His Excellency, Augustino Jadallah, Central Equatoria state governor. You have done a great deal to expose this rot.

Though, we put Central Equatoria State Minister of Education, Mr. Cirisio Zakaria Lado at pin tip of the saga, other signatories of the deal must be investigated and brought to light too. It takes a cartel for such illicit practices on public asserts to succeed and therefore more figures could have been involved.

As per the minister’s dossier, not only Supiri Primary school, but also Juba Commercial, Juba Day, Malakia and Gumbo are victims of this misdemeanor.

Similar ordeals could be proliferating, unnoticed, in other states, the national government must watch out to protect public land and other asserts.

Juba city has been sapped up by land wrangles, whereas the outcries were towards grabbers, but least to the citizens’ chagrin, the very leaders, entrusted to protect public asserts, turned wolves, devouring it.

Prosecuting suspects in misappropriation of public asserts, serves as deterrence for others against propagating the vice.

Bust the racket, never take a second chance on the corrupt, let them face courts of law, in order to enhance peace and prosperity in the country, making it a better place for all to live in.


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