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Parties must take seriously, the task accorded upon them by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, to determine the fate of the forthcoming elections.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement Party Chairperson’s stand is a well-calculated check on critical decision-making strand, either float or drawn, of political parties in the country who aspire to govern the nation.

Amidst the economic turmoil, many citizens deem elections to leverage some of the burdens, breaking the back of the country, hence, perceiving any extension of negative interest for the people.

Alas, others believe, unless all components of the revitalized peace agreement are implemented, holding elections is a recipe for fatality.

The hardest balance for political parties, therefore, lies in between fragility and fluidity of holding elections without considering aspects of the peace agreement or delaying the process, leaving citizens in dilemma.

The best time for action is now. One can’t be well prepared enough for anything, unless you take action. No country in the world has ever had the best election, even the most democratic nations conduct elections with friction, why then delay.

Just like in nature law of universe, those who are ready now, may prepared for it in the future; those who may not participate in the first elections, will do so, in the next one.

As an optional decision in participation, parties which are ready should partake in the elections while others join in the next exercise.

Citizens will judge Political Parties according to the proposals they table for the election schedule. Parties that stand for December will pull majority favour, while those that consider extension, share benefits of the citizens’ perception.


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