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Fresh attack kills 15 in Jonglei state

By Charles K Mark


At least 15 people have allegedly been killed and 17 others wounded after a fresh attack in Poktap Boma in Duk Padiet of Jonglei State.

According to the County Commissioner of Duk Padiet, Peter Latjor Chuol a group of armed criminals allegedly from Gumuruk County of Pibor Administrative Area attacked the area two days ago and raided over 7,000 heads of cattle.

“Yesterday (Thursday) at around 4:30 PM, armed youth and criminals from Greater Pibor attacked our Boma and killed 15 young men, took over seven thousand heads of cattle leaving over seventeen wounded,” Latjor said!

The commissioner stated that three days before the attack, he received precise information on the widespread youth mobilization in Gumuruk County to move swiftly into Jonglei.

Commissioner Latjor argues that if their counterpart from Pibor had successfully persuaded their youth, the attack would not have occurred.

“But this killing now is meaningless. We are one Community, one citizen, and one government,” he regretted.

For his part, Aleer Aleer Leek, chairperson of Duk Padiet Youth said the armed attackers took advantage of impunity and were reportedly supported by insiders.

“Regrettably, this is not the first such attack, and despite having detailed knowledge of these events, the government has failed to take meaningful action,” he noted.

The youth leader urged relevant authorities, as well as the regional and international communities, to intervene and address the persistent acts of violence against the communities of Duk, Twic, and Bor.

“It is imperative that steps are taken to ensure the security and well-being of these communities as they strive to exist peacefully,” Aleer echoed.

Meanwhile, the Greater Pibor Minister of Information Joseph Kelang said, “We are surprised and we condemn this act in totality that our youth even after we agreed that they should avoid violence.”

He said since Greater Pibor Administrative Area Authorities learned about the news they are waiting to apprehend the alleged youth and make them account for their actions.

“It will take them two (2) to three (3) days to come back here. Right now, they are not in our Territory, they are in Jonglei but once they are back to Gumuruk, we will take up and do our part as Greater Pibor,” the Minister said.


A former member of Parliament representing Duk County in Jonglei State Assembly Anter Bayak kuol, condemned the attack.

“This behavior has been against the spirit of peace desired by the communities in greater Jonglei,” he said.

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