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Futuyo urges unified forces to combat crimes

By Alex Digi


Western Equatoria State governor urges recently deployed Unified Forces to step up and take charge of the security of the state.

General Alfred Futuyo Karaba on Friday visited the Unified Forces deployed at Yambio military base in Western Equatoria state.

The governor explained that some criminals in the state require the expertise of well-trained soldiers like the Unified Forces.

More than 300 Unified Forces were in December 2023 deployed in Yambio County of Western Equatoria state.

The governor expressed gratitude towards the national government for the achievement of unifying the soldiers and making them well-trained and equipped.

This, he said, would prevent any unknown gunmen or soldiers from belonging to any particular group.

“Things are changing, our soldiers are unified, well trained and like other nations’ army. We have to give thanks to the government of South Sudan for that achievement and so there will be no unknown gunmen which belong to any group” he said.

The governor promised to support the forces with logistics and feeding, acknowledging that they currently have no food, nowhere to sleep, no cooking materials, and no water containers.

“We will struggle by all means to make sure your requirements are available, because if those necessary things are not there then you will never be able to arrest those criminals”

Governor Futuyo urged the Forces to arrest any unauthorized person moving with gun in the area,

“There are criminals called Fireman and others, let me tell you, from today anyone you found moving with gun should be arrested even my bodyguard” Futuyo said

He emphasized that only trained Unified Forces are allowed to move around in uniform, saying unauthorized persons carrying guns are a threat to the safety of the state.


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