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Chimel County to Construct Headquarters through Fundraising

By Keji Jenifer Silver

Chimel Community Association in Juba held a fundraising function on Sunday 9th February 2020 at freedom hall.

The event was attended by more than a hundred members including community leaders, intellectuals, business men, women group, youth and government officials from both National and State levels.

Chimel County is one of the counties created under the executive order number 36 for the creation of the 28 and later then 32 States.

In his remarks, the head of organizing committee James Yach said the purpose of organizing the function was to raise funds for the construction of the county Headquarters.

Addressing the gathering, Chairperson of the association Peter Atak Wol said they want to construct Chimel County headquarters for general development activities which would include offices for learning, information, culture among others.

“Chimel County remains undeveloped since the creation of 28 and 32 States respectively” said Peter Atak.  Atak urged the community to contribute the little they have to support the construction of the county office saying development cannot come in a silver plate.

The National Minister of Finance and Economic planning Garang Mabior Dit who was also the guest of Honour, affirmed his support to help the community of Chimel County to build their County Headquarters to be one of the modern County Headquarters in South Sudan.

Garang Mabior said the primary responsibility of constructing county headquarters belongs to the government but because of the war in the country, the government doesn’t have enough fund to build county headquarters. “This is because the government has reduced its budget very little for only security services and salaries otherwise, there was no reason why the community should ask us to raise fund to build the county headquarter if the government has the budget” said the minister.

Garang urged the community not to wait for the time when the government will have enough budget to build the headquarters of States, Counties and Bomas, they should start on their own to avoid being left behind.

He also said the people of Chimel have done a good thing that showcases for the rest of the people of South Sudan to start on their own to mobilize funds and then well-wishers and donors will come in, saying in this way they will surpass their target and it will be a good start.

He further said that an idea is always started by one person then the rest will copy.

People contributed tremendously especially the high ranging government officials and business men an amount ranging from 50 thousand South Sudanese Pounds to 5 million South Sudanese pounds.

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