Jubek releases results for Primary Certificate of Education

By, Bosco Bush Taban

Jubek State government has released its final results for the Primary Certificate of Education (PCE) 2019.

In a press statement held on 10th February 2020 at the ministry premises the Minister of Education and Instruction, Dr. Wani Sule Ladu said that there is a slight increase of the number of candidates who sat for the PCE compared to the academic year 2018.

He also mentioned that the number of female candidates is worth mentioning.

“We have seen the total increase in the number of those who sat in 2019 which twelve thousand three hundred and thirty-one (12,331) compared to 2018 which was nine thousand seven hundred and eighty (9,780) making an increase of twenty-eight percent (28%).”  Said Dr. Wani Sule.

“We have also noticed the gender parity that the gap is narrowing down between the male and female candidates. For example, we have female five thousand seven hundred and twenty-five (5,725) as compared to six thousand six hundred and six (6,606) male candidates.” Dr. added.

He further pronounced the best ten candidates with Daniel Wani Laku Erneo of Standard Primary School leading the first position with four hundred seventy-six (476) marks scored out of a total five hundred marks.

While on the female side, Roda Perry Jermia Abdallah of Juba Christian Center (JCC) Model led the sixth position with total marks of four hundred forty-nine (449).

In his remarks, Dr. Wani Sule Ladu added that the issue of giving scholarships to the best performing candidates will be handled administratively.

“This is something administrative for us in the ministry here, there are issues that we would take into considerations whether to give them scholarships in our secondary schools, this is there.” Added, Ladu.

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