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Governors reiterate their call to maintain 32 states

By, Bosco Bush Taban

The Governors of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) have reiterated their call to maintain the current thirty two States. In a press statement Tuesday 11th February 2020 at the SPLM House in Juba, Maridi State Governor Africano Mande Gendima said that, the current 32 states have already developed functional institutions that cannot be condemned.

“The current states have already developed functioning institutions, systems and local government structures such as new Counties, Payams and Bomas with active County Commissioners, Payams and Boma chiefs who have already stood out to condemn the attempts to undermine, deny anf downplay their States as shown by street protests and their willingness to even go out beyond their limits” said Africano Mande Gendima.

Mande further cautioned that any decision to alter or cancel the 32 states will lead to instability of peace and security in the country.

“The number one challenge as well as threat to peace and security in our country is any decision to drastically alter or cancel the current status of States. It is a threat that will not only threaten the revitalized peace agreement but it can threaten the survivability of our country and the catastrophic results will be far more beyond the powers of regional and international bodies”Africano added.

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