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Workers Trade Union’s Federation Distributes drums to Bus Stations

Passengers washing hands before boarding and alighting public transport vehicles to prevent coronavirus

By Keji Janefer Silver

The Workers Trade Union Federation has distributed barrels to five bus stations in Juba yesterday to help taxi drivers and passengers wash their hands before and after getting out of the taxi in the parks as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Speaking to the media after the distribution at Munuki park, Agassio Akola Arop, the deputy chairperson of the Workers’ Trade Union said they were providing the barrels so that people could wash their hands before entering and getting out of the bus. He urged drivers to use the drums for washing their hands to avoid contracting the disease. “We are distributing these barrels so that people can wash their hands before and after getting out of the bus,” says Agassio.

 For his part, driver Oliver Jamal, Secretary General of Driver’s Union representing drivers said they as drivers welcome the order issued by the government for a taxi to carry only seven people, adding that they face challenges from the public for asking them to pay twice the bus fare.  “Everyone should respect the order issued by the government, for the taxi drivers to carry only seven people. Noah taxi should only carry six, and Bongo bus to carry only 30, anybody who doesn’t want to respect order will be responsible,” Jamal urged the drivers.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Kenyi, a taxi conductor at Munuki bus station, who lost his job because of the order, says it is difficult for them to sustain their life without work and he calls on the government to reconsider its decision. “Now we are suffering, they said we should not work and how do we get money to buy food with,” Kenyi asked. The barrels were distributed in Konyo-konyo, Juba, Munuki and Gudele bus stations. The coronavirus pandemic has become a world threat which has led to lockdown restricting movement of people, closer of businesses and social gatherings.

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