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Environment Minister warns against tree logging

Minister of Environment Josephine Napwon, addressing the public in Torit Town (Photo by Moyo Jacob)

By Moyo Jacob

South Sudan Minister of Environment and Forestry, Josephine Napwon Cosmas, has warned individuals practicing logging of trees in Eastern Equatoria State, to stop immediately.

The minister stressed that her office in Juba had registered several reports of forests being destroyed by some people for their personal interests.

Napwon revealed that the individuals after logging, smuggle the forest materials to the neighboring countries, which she termed as unacceptable practice.

On another development, Minister Napwon called on the people of Eastern Equatoria State to practice intermarriages to usher peace and unity among communities.

She believes if communities embrace intermarriages, there will be no more conflicts within the state as people will live harmoniously.

The Official calls on the new governor to discourage early pregnancies among the teenage girls, and find a possible solution of promoting their education.

Minister Napwon has also warned politicians against encouraging inter-communal conflicts for their personal interests. “No one will take arms to fight the people of Eastern Equatoria State,” she warned.

Josephine Napwon urged Governor Lobong to include women in his administration, to ensure the fulfilment of the President’s order for the consideration of 35% affirmative action.

Napwon also advises the governor to consider youth, whom she believes have all the energy needed to serve the State.

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