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Fire outbreak Devastates Gudele market

The burnt market of Gudele II

By Orayo Gabriel Ujuok

Fire broke out at Gudele market destroying ten shops and 25 vegetable tables. The fire was said to have started from inside what is described as ‘Hildhar’s shop for body wear’. 

Angelo Laku Marjhan, Acting Chairman for Luri Central Payam Chamber of Commerce, said although there was no loss of life in the incident, the fire, which started late afternoon Sunday 12th July 2020, when it was time for some people to close, had incurred heavy material loses to the shop keepers and the vegetable sellers.  

‘’The flame started from Hidhar’s shop of body wears. The fire started from inside the shop till it burnt down 10 shops and 25 vegetable tables, containing cabbages, onions, fish, tomatoes, some greens and many more food items,’’ said Laku.

The fire was extinguished when fire brigade, UN, and tank water suppliers turned up to fight the devastating fire.

‘’We called the fire brigade and they turned up and help us. Much thanks to the UN and the Habesh, who are supplying clean drinking water in the area. They have helped us so much and we thank them, and of course there were so many vehicles in the market here, who all contributed until the fire was silenced around 9 pm in the evening,’’ Laku explained.

Laku said registration of the names of those who lost their shops was ongoing to be submitted to the government and NGOs, so that if there is any help, the shop keepers should be helped. “We as the chamber of commerce, have no help to these business men and women,’’ he said.

Laku further explained that no one was arrested or blamed for arson, because the fire was due to electricity. “So my message to the government is that these people should be supported to resume their business,’’ he said.  

One of the shop keepers, Madelia, cried for help from the government and its humanitarian aids partners. ‘’Fire broke out at late afternoon when people were scattered. I was up to Gumbo and on my way back I saw smoke at the side of our shops, and I was shocked. Reaching there, I only found ashes. So the government and the NGOs should help us because we have got a lot of loses, mostly those young men beside me have imported their goods last week, so I’m sure they are left with empty hands,’’ Madelia lamented.

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