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Government Denies Murder Accusations against Activist Peter Biar

Peter Biar Ajak, profile photo

By Kiden Stela Mandela/ Ochaya Jackson

The Government of South Sudan through Presidential Spokesperson Ateny Wek Ateny, on Friday yesterday, denied the accusation that the government was intending to kill Human Rights Activist Peter Biar Ajak.

Activist Ajak arrived at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC on Thursday together with his wife and three children from Kenyan capital – Nairobi, after he said, he was tipped off by some top government officials with the information that President Salva Kiir had ordered security operatives to either finish him off in Nairobi or be abducted.

“About five weeks ago, I received information that the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, had ordered the National Security Service … to either kill me in Nairobi or abduct me and bring me back to South Sudan,” Peter Ajak was quoted as saying by Reuters.

He however, did not mention the names of those top government officials.

According to Reuters, Biar said President Kiir felt threaten by his efforts to expose corruption and promotion of democracy in South Sudan that’s why he had wanted him killed.

But Presidential Press Secretary Ateny Wek Ateny, when contacted for comments on Activist Biar’s assertion he said “for what reason could the government even go for Peter Biar, what does Peter Biar have?”, Ateny questioned, saying  “Peter Biar is only seeking asylum in the United States of America. He must say something that would make him relevant to the authority of United States. He is an attention seeker… know Peter Biar was pardoned by the President; he was pardoned and stayed in Juba here for many months before he crossed to Nairobi and then later on he escaped to United States. He said this statement to strengthen his…for asylum in the United States of America, is not more or less than that” Ateny said.

When asked on what made Peter Biar to run away from the country after he was already pardoned, Ateny Wek Ateny said “the answer lies with him [Peter Biar], why did he leave the country?. You know he has a purpose of going to United States of America, that is the purpose but he should be the one to explain much, why he has left the country. When in the actual fact the President pardoned him free, and he was free to stay here he has a family here, he has extended members of his family who are not feeling any threat”, Presidential Press Secretary explained.

He added that “the people of South Sudan should be able to understand the technicalities of the issues raised…..anyone who is seeking asylum must always tarnish the government image, you cannot be a supporter of the government and you also get asylum at the same time, they don’t match together”, Ateny added.

But according to Reuters, Peter Biar Ajak’s lawyer Jared Genser, delivered a photograph of a white vehicle [SUV] bearing South Sudanese number plates in which he said had followed Peter in Nairobi. And lawyer Genser added “the plates were not in South Sudan’s car registry and were typical of those used by the government’s National Security Service”.

It also said it “reviewed emails from June that showed the US State Department regarded Ajak’s allegation as sufficiently credible to grant him a visa”.

“The circumstances of Peter’s case are clear,” said one US official in an email to Reuters.

Activist Peter Biar who doubles as Economist and founder of a non – profit organization called South Sudan Young Leaders Forum travelled to Kenya in February this year after spending months in prison on charges of disturbing peace by giving interview to foreign media. President Salva Kiir had pardoned Peter Biar in January alongside late Kerbino Wol who was the leader of October 7th Movement, and was killed in Lakes State following government offensive after he announced the plan to overthrow the government.

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