Defections syndrome, what motive?

The eyes of South Sudanese are on the Re-Vitalized Peace Agreement that has been signed between the government and the opposition groups to end the suffering of the South Sudanese people.

As the peace agreement at times seems to be progressing, something sets in that holds its progress, to the disappointment of everybody. Some of the most important chapters in agreement, such as the security arrangement, are suffering major set-backs.

The warring armies are not unified yet. The cantonment sites are still waiting graduation, unfortunately, there have been reports of desertions due to lack of the basic requirement for survival.

As if that was not enough of a problem, we are hearing defections from one loyalty to another loyalty, which does not give one a sense of national army. How possible can we have a country that has split army?

Does it make sense to receive defecting army when the agreement is clear that all the armies of the parties to the agreement should be unified into one national army?

If the parties to the agreement still feel like keeping to the army loyal to them, then the agreement is at risk. The defecting soldiers themselves show that they do not want to be loyal to the people of South Sudan, but to some particular individuals. And the motive of the defections could be numerous; something to do with individual interest as opposed to national interest. Peace will not come from outside the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

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