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National Security denies arresting musician Larson Angok

Screenshot of the front page of No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper

By Peter Gatkuoth

The National Security Service (NSS) has denied an allegation that it arrested musician Larson Angok Garang for criticizing the government. Pictures of Angok being arrested allegedly in Wau by the NSS went viral online drawing public outcry over how the security have handled people deemed critical of the government. Netizens (online users) angrily reacted online over the alleged arrest of Angok. Claims online alleged that the musician was accused of composing a song that was critical of the government. Addressing the press yesterday, David John Kumuri, the of Director Public Relations, NSS Internal Security Bureau claimed Angok was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of which he is a member.

“It is paramount to note that musician Larson Angok Garang has not been detained by the NSS as publicly claimed by certain personalities,” he said. “The Musician is a member of police service working in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and it is confirmed that his mother unit was responsible for the arrest and detention,” he added. He did not mention any reason why the musician was arrested.

“The information circulating on the social media and the public fraternity is misinformation issued by negative personalities and enemies of the country and it is aimed at tarnishing good reputation and the image of the National security service.” “A misinformation and targeted defamation of any personality or an institution is a crime against the Penal Code Act, 2008 and it is punishable by the laws of South Sudan,” he stressed. Kumuri warned that any person or group of people that blatantly engages in defamation of the NSS shall be punished in accordance with relevant laws of the country

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