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No elections in 2022, Kiir’s right to lead-Official

Screenshot of No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper’s publication on Wednesday 24th March 2021

By Opio Jackson

The Office of the President said there is no election in 2022 due to the time lost. Nhial Deng Nhial Minister of Presidential Affairs said it is President Salva Kiir’s right to lead South Sudan at least till next elections determines the post transitional power architecture. “The call for early election in 2020 is again without justification. It must be born in mind that the actual inauguration of the (R-TGoNU) following conclusion of the agreement in September 2018 to the same time. The time lost must be recouped so that there is adequate time to complete all the tasks of transitional period before elections are held,” Nhail said.

The statement was in response to the earlier calls made by Dr. Peter Biar Ajak, political activist during his testimony before the US senate committee on foreign relations weeks ago.  In his address to the US senate, Peter Biar claimed that President Salva Kiir was not elected by the South Sudanese but appointed after the country became independent in 2011. Nhail said legitimacy does not stem from form but rather substance or essence,” When President Kiir was elected in 2010 as the President of the

Government of Southern Sudan those who cast their ballots for him are the very same South Sudanese who would have done again had elections been held in 2015” said Nhial.

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