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Security forces set to dismantle Juba gangs

The police spokesperson Major General Daniel Justin (File Photo: By Phillip Buda)

By Masmina Turuju Ejidio

The National Police, National Security together with the Criminal Investigation Department have agreed to get rid of the Juba gangs in order to stabilize the security situation of the city, said the police spokesperson.

There have been several complaints from the city residents about the increase in gang robberies and beatings mostly perpetuated by organized gangs. The complaints emanated after the two children who were reported to have disappeared were later found dead at a certain garage in custom.

Juba residents also claimed that some under-aged persons in the city are involved in beating and murdering cases around the city especially at Gumbo, Shirikat, Lologo, and Jebel and among others.

The police spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday that they were engaging the communities to help them arrest or report any gang issue to any nearest police station.

“We are doing a lot, we have engaged our communities for this issue because these gangs are under age, we are involving the community to report any issue related to gangs to our nearest police facility so that we can take decision,” Gen. Justin said.

He cited that, they have put the CID in place, planning to take actions in the gangs’ matters together with the National Security.

Since they made this plan, they want to meet the community to refer the cases to them.

“We want to address it in polite way, our custody is small, we can’t accommodate the gangs that’s why we do arrest and hand them to the criminal section for further investigation and the court to decide what to do to them,” he said.

He added that they are going to start meeting every Thursday effective from this week and they will come up with the outcome of the meeting in regards to the level of crime in the city.

He however stated that the number of the arrested gangs is not yet confirmed adding that the directorate of CID is responsible for the number of the criminal cases and to be read to the public towards the end of every year as stated by the law.

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