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Bor health workers call off strike

Medical attention is going well at Bor State Hospital as health workers resumed their work, Children ward/Photo by: Chol Makol Riak

By Chol Makol Riak

The Health workers in Bor Hospital have called off their strike over the weekend and fully resumed their Operation following days of protest last week over unpaid incentives.

The resumption came after meeting the State Governor to follow up the matter with partners supporting the Hospital.

Dr. Ajak Garang, the head of medicine department at Bor Hospital confirmed that their resumption is to save the lives of innocent people in Bor.

He said the State Governor had taken up the responsibility to follow the two-months’ incentive for the health workers.

“The governor of the state has taken up the responsibility to talk to those concerned like UNICEF and he told us to go to his office for monitoring. We are hopeful that he is going to succeed and that’s why the staff resumed the duties” Dr. Ajak said.

Dr. Ajak stated that the delay of the incentive has affected the working condition and welfare of staff and their families.

“We have been serving the community but it has come to the situation that we have to choose, between your family and community and family is the immediate responsibility. You can’t serve the community while your children are not going to school and have no food on the table” he added.

However, Dr. Ajak added that there is no way that an empty stomach can do a work, adding that “our own families are stabbing”.

He added that staff would remain on the protest if their demands are not addressed on time.

He didn’t disclose the number of Health workers that are currently serving at Bor State Hospital.

The working staff at Bor Hospital were being supported by MDM, a Partner to UNICEF.

Last week, the health workers at Bor State Hospital laid down their tools over unpaid two months’ incentive.

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