Oil spills kill over 300 cattle

Courtesy Photo

By Yien Gattour Mead

At least 358 cows and 270 goats have died in Rubkona County in Unity State after drinking water contaminated by oil spilled water.

William Gai Tut, one of the cattle owners said their cattle are now facing a lot of challenges as most of the water points around the oil fields have been polluted.

“Our cows and goats are drinking water contaminated by oil spills, this is whereby a big number of our cows and our goats are dying because of that. Even, we the human beings, we are using same water which is poison, we will die because the water is not treated” he said.

“We have been displaced by flood for the last three months in Nhialdiu Payam of Rubkona County, we came here to live during this flooding time” Gai said.

“It is very unfortunate to us as displaced persons, we lost our property last time in Nhialdiu Payam, then now we also lost them here in Unity oil field but there is no any response from our national government” he decried.

Gai said they are not happy with GPOC for the way the company is exploring oil in the area.

He said they would not have good relationship with the Oil Company if they don’t resolve the issue of oil pollution.

“They are seeing our suffering and they don’t want to say anything about our situation” he said.

No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper contacted the Management of GPOC for comments but repeated calls went unanswered.

However, the GPOC engineers earlier told this Newspaper that they are making dykes to prevent the oil companies from flooding waters.

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