Security tops National Development Plan

Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth Addressing the media/ File Photo: Taban Henry

By Taban Henry

The Council of Ministers in its regular meeting held Friday 5th November 2021, passed the National Development Strategy.

Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth said the National Development Strategy was presented by the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning in consultation with different ministries, stakeholders from the states and the administrative areas.

He said the last National Development Strategy developed in 2018-2021 has been reviewed and the new one has also been developed ranging from 2021-2024.

“The methodology which was followed by the able team of the Ministry of Finance was in consultation with all the stakeholders and from the ten States and the three Administrative Areas” Makuei said.

Makuei added that the development strategy came out with the priorities for the five clusters and the Minister of Finance was directed to pass the strategy to the National Legislative Assembly for further consideration.

“The Council of Ministers after serious deliberation passed the National Development Plan” he added.

He said security was among the top priority projects citing it as a crosscutting issue while assuring the public that there is need for connectivity, that is the roads and water transport.

“Among the projects was security which is the crosscutting issue, without security there will be no development, to assure ourselves about the security there is need for connectivity that is the roads and river transport and then construction and implementation of the outstanding projects like the Ramchel and some other projects which have already been put in place. We shall also render some services to the people especially in education and health” he said.

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