Bor Urban Water Station resumes operation

Bor Urban water resumes water supply to residential areas, water taps flowing water/Photo Chol Makol Riak

By Chol Makol Riak

The Bor Urban Water station on Sunday resumed its operation after months of closure.

In the past few months, the Bor Water Station was shut down after flood water submerged the Pipes and operating machines leaving many residents unable to access clean drinking water at residential areas.

Eng. John Jurkuch Yak, area manager for Bor Urban Water Station said the pipes are being arranged and the station is drained making it possible to supply the population with clean drinking water.

He stressed that, the people of Bor town have been facing challenges on where to get the clean drinking water.

“We have been tirelessly working to make sure we help supply people of Bor with clean drinking water, we built a small dyke that will help protect the station since the flood is still” Jurkuch said.

He stated that, the prices of water remain the same adding that 20 liters is sold at 20 South Sudanese Pounds and supply with water taps at their homes pay 4,000 South Sudanese Pounds per a month.

Mr. Jurkuch however, appealed to Bor Urban Water Station customers to make immediate payment in order to help the station meet the effective operation.

“We have started operation and we are requesting our customers to kindly make their payment, our machines have been destroyed by the water and our chemical got expired since the station was shut down, so we seriously need our customers to immediately make payment for effective running of the station” he said. 

He said the station would always be opened from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily.

Meanwhile, Nyantour Nyok, a resident of block two in Bor town applauded the management of Bor urban water for their hard work and heeds to their suffering over the last few months.

“We are really very happy for the resumption of water supply, we have been suffering for quite long time, we have been traveling in distance to get water in other areas with hand pumping boreholes while they are too congested” Nyantour said.

She however, added that the congestion, the few hand pumping boreholes have created conflicts among women and young girls in the residential areas.

She urged the state government and well-wishers to help drill hand pumping boreholes in their residential areas.

“We residents of Block two, we don’t have hand pump borehole in our area and Bor water station can sometimes have either technical problem or it can be shortage of fuel which interrupt the operation of the station and with that we are urging the government to provide us with hand pump boreholes to help us at times of difficulties” she added.

She urged the management of Bor Urban Water Station to keep supplying them with the clean drinking water adding that it is dry season which is hard to get either drinking or washing water.

She called on the customers of Bor Urban Water to frequently pay their money on time to make smooth running of the station and avoid inconveniences adding that water is source of life.

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