Army imposes curfew in Aneet

General Akuei Ajou, SSPDF commander of Division Three deployed in Aneet/Photo: Courtesy

By Ngor Deng Matem

The South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) in Aneet have imposed a curfew preventing night movement after clashes erupted in the area.

Head of the Third Division who is currently stationed in Aneet General Akuei Ajou said, “from 7PM until 7AM, nobody is allowed to walk within the town of Aneet, Agok, Juoljok and surrounding areas. Our soldiers together with UNISFA troops will be patrolling at night starting from 6:30PM”.

Gen. Akuei warned of arrest, “anyone who disobey this order shall be arrested and face consequences”.

He also added that “the cause of the fighting was land survey within Aneet. This means the authority that was conducting the survey will be investigated”.

Akuei warned both communities to cease from causing conflict over the borders.

“We have so many problems of border issues with other countries to be addressed and so we cannot kill ourselves over internal borders. Leaders who are behind this shall be investigated and held accountable,” he said.

SSPDF is calling on civilians who fled their homes to return.

“SSPDF soldiers are in full control of Aneet town, so, people who ran away have to come back and resettle” Akuei said.

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