CES approves SSP 5 billion budget

The Central Equatoria State Cabinet/Courtesy

By Taban Henry

The Central Equatoria State government has approved 2021-2022 fiscal year budget worth 5,180,947,420 SSP.

According to the Central Equatoria state Minister of Information, Andruga Mabe Severio, the estimates will be funded by two sources.

“National government grants SSP 4,833,776,060 of 93% from state own revenues and 347,171,360 of 7% constitute 7% of the total resources for the fiscal year budget for the year 2021-2022,” he said.

Mabe said the budget will focus on security stabilization and peace building, access to social services and justice system, return, resettlement and reintegration management, economic recovery through agriculture and investment, good neighborliness, keeping Juba City clean and green.

“All the council of ministers approved and commended the effort done by the minister of finance and investment for the tireless work they have done professionally in awarding that the budget with all the areas of development in the state covered among others,” he added.

“The minister was directed by the governor who chaired the Cabinet meeting to produce a detailed expenditure report and the budget speech during the tabling of the budget to the parliament together with amendments” the state minister of information in Central Equatoria State stated.

“The improvement of security is on top in both urban and rural areas, strengthening law enforcement agents and accelerating the implementation of the R-ARCSS to engage holdout groups in mediation to mitigate conflict between farmers and pastoralists, improve border relations and cohesion” he clarified.

Andruga hinted that the state has come together to see that the overall budget is presented to the Parliament and making sure that the expectatiosn of the people in Central Equatoria are met.

He stated that the draft budget was presented by the minister of finance in Central Equatoria.

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