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No credible elections without proper security

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Marin Elia Lomuro/Courtesy photo

By Taban Henry

Implementing security arrangement remains an important tool towards free and fair elections, said Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro.

Dr. Lomuro stated this after a meeting of the parties to the agreement with the Sudanese Deputy Chairperson of the Sovereign Council, Muhamed Hamdan Daglo on Wednesday 16th February 2022.

Addressing the media after the meeting Dr. Lomuro said that security is one of the key tools for holding free and fair elections adding that people can be free to contest without being harassed or intimidated.

“This gives all of us confidence then we can go for election,” he said.

“How will you address and convince the people? For us to make sure that this country goes in a stable manner, politically stable security is good and people are patient because they are waiting to elect their government,” he said.

“We agreed to implement the peace agreement as described in the Revitalized Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan” stressed Dr. Lomuro.

He stated that the security of the candidates, the election process and the security of the electoral movement including provision for prevention of rigging are very important.

“The credibility of the commission itself and what is that the commission needs and how much it cost, can we go without the constitution, these are things that need to be discussed. We all feel to go for elections but we should make sure that we exit the election without causing chaos,” he stated.        

He stated that, “when we conclude the final report which will tell us that the whole country is being managed by the parties’ signatory to the peace agreement, we will then ask that we are left with one year for election, what are the things we can do before that date and are we all agreeing to it? if, we are not going for elections what’s the reason for not going for election?” he explained.

He stated that they are going to be working hard to make sure that right information is collected, well discussed with absolute commitment to the welfare of this country.

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