Authorities release 40 terror gang

Some of the crew members suspected for causing terror arrested months ago by joint operation in Jonglei state capital, Bor. Photo: Chol Makol Riak

By Chol Makol Riak

More than 40 gang members who were arrested by the join operation in Jonglei state last year have been released after four month’s detention.

Few months ago, authorities arrested hundreds of gang members in Jonglei state’s capital Bor for terrorizing and causing havoc in the residential areas.

Brig. Gen. Ajak Ayuen Mach, the head of joint operation said they have released more than 40 crew members within this month.

He said the released members have been monitored and have been seen reformed.

“We have released more than 40 of these crew members, the reason for their imprisonment was to reform them and thus we have seen those whom we freed to have been reformed” Ajak said.

However, he said the operation is continuous adding they have arrested more criminals.

“Last night as we conduct our normal night patrol, we arrested more than ten criminals and they are currently in the prison and investigations are going on, these criminals are coming from different parts of the country some of them come from Juba and others come from Mangalla” he added.  

In the past few months, series of crimes have been underway in the state where criminals would attack shops and stab people with knife making the state government to launch crackdown on the gang through night patrols.

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