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Gov’t should be cautious of pastoralists-farmers tension

By Kiden Stela Mandela

Tension between farmers and pastoralists remain high in the Eastern Equatoria State particularly in Magwi county and Kajo-Keji of Central Equatoria State. It is really audacious that South Sudan continues to lose blood due to political issues and herders interference with farming.

The members of parliament should really take this issue of Pastoralists’ animals destroying farm lands serious to avoid more bloodshed in the country. The state government including the national government needs to amicably handle the issue of cattle destroying food crops and the violent behaviours of the herders such as looting and abduction of people because it is making communities to seek refuge in the nearby places.

This appears to be a political game because the country’s leadership is adamant about the brawling tension between the cattle keepers and the pastoralists in the farming areas. This might give birth to crisis in the long run.

Those who participate in arming cattle keepers are the key enemies of South Sudan’s peace because the point here is we have ungraduated force due to lack of arms in the country then how comes cattle keepers carry modern ammunition to threaten farmers under the pretext of protecting themselves and their cattle. Politicians should watch out that their acts might take people back to the 2013- 2016 situation. It is clear that the high tension between the pastoralists and the farmers will increase starvation in the country leading to high crimes that will not be accountable. I’m requesting the owners of the cattle to please save the lives of innocent civilians by handing their modern weapons to the government so that it will be used for graduation of the unified forces to bring peace in the country. I also want to remind you that this time politicians are using the youth for someone’s interest okay is fine but how about if an enemy comes from far how are you going to unite and fight against, so we should be very clear in this case even our own parents will refuse us. Why should we continue to suffer in the hands of our own leaders?

I appeal to the Presidency to intervene in this situation for total security to prevail in this country.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!

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