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Warrap to begin disarmament next week

Warrap State governor Aleu Ayieny Aleu walking with SSPDF officers of Tiger Division/Courtesy

By Ngor Deng Matem 

The Warrap state government has announced plans to begin a massive Peaceful Disarmament of illegal weapons next week.

The state government said that well equipped army personnel from the Tiger division in Juba have already started the journey to Warrap state. 

Ring Deng Ading is the minister of information and communication in Warrap State. He said community leaders such as chiefs, youth and other community dignitaries have agreed to collect guns from their people.

“The agreement with the community to peacefully hand over the guns was reached and this means guns collected shall be stored in the state headquarters. After the Disarmament, the guns shall be given to the trained policemen in order to protect the civilians,” he said. 

Warrap state is bordering Unity and Lakes States, and reports of communal clashes over cattle raiding; revenge killing and grazing land amongst the communities there have been registered.

As a result, what would happen to communities who are going to hand over their guns while other states have not? In response, Ring said that “Lakes State has already started the Disarmament and we are very sure that the Unity state is having the same arrangements to do comprehensive Disarmament there. This means our states shall be free from illegal weapons and peace shall prevail,” Ring stated.

Ring further confirmed that Governor Aleu Ayieny met with authorities in Juba to discuss possible ways of conducting the successful Disarmament.

“Governor Aleu is now in Juba and he will fly from there direct to Tonj on Saturday to launch the Disarmament exercise” said Ring.

For their part, Sultan Deng Deng in Tonj South County spoke on behalf of the chiefs. He expressed communities’ readiness to cooperate with the government. 

During the 32 states, former Gogrial state conducted successful Disarmament of illegal weapons.

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