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Bishop’s shooting: Two suspects set free

The bishop-elect of Rumbek diocese Christian Carlassare/Courtesy Photo

By Adia Jildo

A high court in Juba has set free two suspects involved in the shooting of the bishop-elect of Rumbek Fr. Christian Carlassare due to lack of evidence.

The high court Judge Alexander Sabur Subek said based on section 226 of the criminal procedures, there was lack of evidence against them.

Six people were arrested allegedly for their involvement in the shooting of the bishop last year.

Gabriel Deng Dut a 30-year-old South Sudanese was one of those set free by the court.

Gabriel expressed his joy after spending nearly a year in prison.

The suspect was detained in Rumbek allegedly by the body guard of the commissioner after going to visit the bishop in the hospital.

He said his aim of going to the hospital when the bishop was shot was to visit him as a faithful Christian.

Gabriel who narrated before the court said that he never knew reasons for his arrest.

“I was there in the church as a faithful person. Whether I am a soldier, so I have to be faithful and that is the difference because one cannot forget who God is, he continued, “whether I have suffered enough, God is the one who will see my suffering in the prison, torture and my children, my family,” he said.

He called on the people of Rumbek to see him as a Christian and know his life.

“When I was in the church that does not mean I can do such a bad thing. A church is not where you can make such a problem, it is where you can come and confess the problem you have made somewhere,” he explained.

He assured continuation to work with the bishop if he (Fr. Christian Carlassare) accepted him to work in the church.

“To the people of Rumbek, from today you have to know me that I am just an innocent person, I don’t know anything” he requested.

Gabriel however stated that he will be ready to attend the consecration of the bishop when he returns to Rumbek.

Fr. John Mathiang and Samuel Maker Mabor told the court they were innocent of the accusation levied against them while Moris Sebit Ater and Laat Makur Agok agreed to the court that they were guilty of the incident.

The court will listen to the two defense witnesses of the two accused Fr. John Mathiang and Samuel Maker Makur.

The next session will continue on the 14 March for the trial of the two accused number one, Fr. John Mathiang and number two, Samuel Maker Makur.

Bishop Christian was serving in Malakal Diocese before being appointed as Bishop for Rumbek Diocese by Pope Francis on 8th March 2021.

He was shot on both legs by suspected group of people that included 3 clerics. He was later taken to Nairobi for treatment where he recovered.

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