Water shortage hits Bentiu PoC

Photo by Yien Gattour Mead

Yien Gattuor mead 

At least 107,000 people in Bentiu Protection of Civilians sites are facing severe water shortage.

The sector one leader in Bentiu IDP Camp Changkuoth Tot Deng said the people are suffering from the issue of water while there’s no water.

“The humanitarians who supported us told us that, they’re going to work on that issue,” Changkuoth said.

 Residents have to move now out of the PoC to Rubkona town to fetch water- a distance of about 2 km.

Changkuoth said “all our wells are not active at this moment whereby our community is really suffering”.

He urged the agencies supplying water to the PoC to intervene.

Mary Nyakoang Gatluak is one of the residents in Bentiu PoC.

“We are requesting humanitarian agencies to come to support us now, we are going to Rubkona town the distance between PoC and Rubkona is too long, we will not have power to go to Rubkona town on foot” she said.

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