Abyei community demands neutral body to investigate Aneet incident

By Ngor Deng Matem

The Abyei community Association in Juba has demanded the removal of Twic MPs from the investigation committee which was formed by President Salva Kiir last month to investigate the Aneet incident.

The committee for investigation headed by the Vice President Huessien Abdelbagi, Dr Dhieu Mathok as Secretary General among other members was formed to get the facts related to Aneet incident which took many lives and properties.

Thousands of people were displaced and fled to areas of Twic County and others in Abyei Town.

A letter written and signed by the Abyei Community representatives in Juba called for a neutral body to investigate the conflict to get the facts.

The group requested the removal of Majak Aleer and Nyandeng Malek, MPs representing Twic in the National Assembly from the investigation committee. 

“The inclusion of Charles Majak Aleer and Nyandeng Malek in the committee membership affects the objectives and neutrality of the committee, as the two Honorable members are on the records as perpetrators among others of the event that led to repeated attacks on Aneet since February 10, 2022,” statement reads.

The group is also demanding the Presidency to change the word “Aneet resettlement” to “Aneet town”.

“The order’s reference ‘Aneet Resettlement’ is of great concern to us and needs to be corrected to read ‘Aneet town’ as usage of the word resettlement prematurely affirms Twic’s unfounded claim that they offered the area to settle Ngok Dinka Internally displaced persons (IDPs),” the statement concluded.

The committee which was formed includes Hon Deng Aloor, Charles Majak Aleer, Nyandeng Malek from Abyei and Twic areas among other members.

The committee addressed the letter dated 28th February 2022 with reservations to the chairman of high-Level investigation committee VP President Hussien Abdelbagi.

On 2nd March 2022, all the committee members were sworn in to start the task and given 21 working days to submit the fact-finding reports to the President.

Efforts to reach the Presidency for comments were unsuccessful.

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