Juba politicians accused for inciting chaos in Abyei

By Taban Henry

The Administrator of Pibor Administrative Area has accused prominent politicians in Juba of inciting the recent violence in the area.

According to Lt. Gen. Kuol Deim Kuol, the politicians claimed that all the towns and villages along the boundary of the Abyei area belong to Twic County.

The conflict that claimed 18 lives including two females and a child leaving 25 others and 3 women wounded took place between the Dinka Ngok and the Twic East Community on the 10th to 16th of February 2022.

This was revealed after Governors from Western Equatoria State, Warrap State and the Abyei Administrative Area were summoned to answer questions on Security threats in their respective states.

Speaking to the Council of States yesterday, Lt. Gen. Kuol revealed that the politicians claimed that the entire territory of Abyei area belongs to the Twic Community adding that they hosted the Dinka Ngok community in the area.

“On the 27th January 2022, the Ajak Kuac community Association in Juba bypassed the commissioner and Warrap State Governor and wrote another harsh letter directly to the chief Administrator of the Abyei Special Administrative Area, echoing the same message and the threats from their politicians in Juba,” he said.

The Chief Administrator said copies of the letters were revealed to eight offices including the President and the Council of States.

Meanwhile Warrap State Governor Aleu Ayieny Aleu described the letter written by the Twic Community as wanton provocation to the administration of Abyei and the typical insubordination of Warrap State.

“Concerning the Twic community citizens letter dated 5-March 2018 addressed to the Joint Verification and Monitoring Mechanism, the Twic Community are apparently complaining that Abyei Administrative Area is not answerable to the government of the Republic of South Sudan,” he said.

He added that such incidences have never happened before of which the two communities have been peaceful.

Aleu demanded lifting of immunities of politicians premeditating the conflict in order to face the law, as they are the encyclopedias of the conflict in Abyei administrative area.

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