Hunt Energy to establish office in S. Sudan

Firoz Majeeth, Executive Director for Hunt Energy/COURTESY PHOTO

By Adia Jildo

Hunt Energy, an international subsidiary oil company in oil world that deals with oil energy is set to establish its office in South Sudan.

The company is an Italian based serving in countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya and, Qatar.

“We support oil operators to maximize their consumption. The market here is a lot and it offers a lot of transparency” said Firoz Majeeth the Executive Director for Hunt Energy.

The company is the first of its kind providing international standards, providing accurate and considered one of the most main leading oil and gas companies.

“We are considering taking such main facilities to have in house manufacturers based on oil equipment to be done locally in South Sudan” Majeeth said.

The company is aiming to provide local jobs in the country to prevent dependence on production and labour from other countries.

“The company will work locally operating with international standards, providing accreditation for all the oil manufactured equipment” he said.

He said the local force will be trained with experts from oil rich countries leading in production.

“We believe that the future of oil and gas belongs to the South Sudanese so the South Sudanese should reach upon to manage by themselves for less reliance on Asian countries” Majeeth added.

The company will be dealing with different sources of energy such as solar energy, hydro energy.

The company has established a joint venture with Rapid Solution Company based in Abudhabi, a multimillion company to supply oil drilling equipment.

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