Wildfire razes houses in Mundri West County

By John Sylvester Timba

At least fourteen houses and more than twenty acres of cassava plantation have been burnt after a fire outbreak in Moroka Village of Mundri West County of Western Equatoria State last Saturday.

Among other items burnt, were cassava, dura, houses, money and documents.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper through phone on Thursday, one of the victims, Sarah Luisa said she lost three houses, five acres of cassava plantation and over forty thousand South Sudanese Pounds and she is appealing to the NGO and the government for intervention. 

“Fire is the one that has burnt the area, houses, gardens, money and all things, more than ten houses got burnt and mine is three houses, all things of work of the women in the house has been burnt, even school fees for children and some emergency money like fifty thousand South Sudanese Pounds got burnt and I am calling on the government to help us especially with carpets because now we are sleeping with my children under the tree since we don’t place to sleep” said Sarah Lusia.

Meanwhile another victim, Repent John said he had lost over five acres of cassava plantation, sorghum store and he is calling on the Non-Governmental Organizations [NGOs] for urgent support to the affected communities.

“Five acres of cassava plantation, dura all got burnt, we need help from organizations things like carpet and food since we are sleeping outside, in total 35 acres of plantation and 14 houses all got burnt” said Repent.

The office of RRC in Mundri West County for comment, the Acting Coordinator for RRC, Samuel Dasi said they have heard of the information but are still waiting for the list of the affected people so that it will be sent to the Non-Governmental Organization for support.

“l heard the fire burnt everything of the people in Moroka, the stakeholder in the area needs to sit down with his staff and write down a list of the victims who were affected by the fire and sent it to the RRC, so that it is sent to our office in Yambio and then when assessments are done is when organizations will come in and help, it is important for the list to be brought so as the issue is being looked at” said Samuel.

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