Agoro community leader missing

By Adia Jildo

The community of Agoro is searching for their leader who had gone missing for a week now.

The leader identified as Robert Langoya had returned to his home to close the hens coop.

Robert was sleeping in the military camp due to insecurity, but did not return that evening.

“When the time for chasing the hens reached, he came home and did not return to his basement” said Otto Martin Leonard a youth member.

Otto said that the soldiers asked the community about the failure of Robert to return to the military camp which left them worried and concerned to search for him.

 “We have people here with us who are now lost including our leader Robert Langoya. When we got this report, we thought of going to the bush in search of him” Martin said.

He stated that their request as youth of the area to search for their leader was turned down by the military personnel stating that they (soldiers) were meant to keep security around and not to head to the bush.

“There is no action from the security to help us go to the bush to search for our leader because we cannot go without guns meters of about 50 from the soldiers that means that you are dead” he said.

“If the military personnel who have come to rescue people, if they stay and cannot come to see people then what are they doing. They are around in their compounds but cannot visit people” Martin said.

He added that the insecurity has made most people to flee from their homes in search of a better place as those remaining are forced to stay in centres due to fear.

 “We shall run to the camps because we don’t have guns here. If they can’t help us then we shall leave our own homes and stay in camps” he said angrily.

According to Pole-Pole Benjamin, a community leader, the community under Magwi County is under tension due to the increasing insecurity caused by cattle herders.

“It is sometimes risky when someone goes in the bush because the cattle herders are everywhere in the bush” he said.

“As per the situation of Magwi County, if the government does not send SSPDF, I think there will be no settlement in these areas and this tension can lead to war if there is no immediate intervention” Pole-Pole added.

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