Jonglei commits to promote press freedom

Mohamed Chuol, director general, Jonglei state ministry of information and communication. (Photo: Courtesy)

By Chol Makol Riak

The Ministry of Information and Communications in Jonglei state said it is committed to promoting press freedom across the state.

The Director General in the state Ministry of Information and Communication Mohamed Chuol made the statement last week after visiting Radio Jonglei station to acquaint himself with the condition of the journalists.

Chuol urged the media outlets to cooperate with Jonglei ministry of information in order to make Jonglei state peaceful.

“We want this state to be one of the best states in South Sudan that will be in peace and make sure anything in the state must be reported” Chuol said.

He added that the ministry will cooperate with media outlets in the state.

“Press freedom is something that has been granted by the constitution but there must be cooperation between the ministry of information and the media houses in the state because without cooperation there will be nothing to be done and we will not go forward” he added.

Chuol urged the journalists in Bor town to adhere to the journalistic ethics in order to avoid causing harm to themselves and the community. Chuol called on the government officials in the state to respect journalists and the freedom of expression.

He added that journalists are playing a big role in Jonglei state through the dissemination of peace to the grass root level.

Mohamed Chuol was appointed through a gubernatorial decree number 7/2022 January this year after the former director general Abraham Awuol was relieved from the position by the state governor Denay Jock Chagor.

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