Security personnel arrested for killing school girl in Rumbek

By Ngor Deng Matem

Office of Lakes State Governor has announced the arrest of suspected security personnel who killed the young girl by bullet in Rumbek North County.

On 5th March 2022, a 19-year-old young girl was shot dead in a vehicle while other two brothers were injured.

The suspected officer allegedly shot at the vehicle which was from Aweil to Juba killing the lady identified as Akon Deng Kuac instantly.

The motive behind the incident remained unclear but the office of Lakes state governor said the shooting took place after the driver allegedly refused to adhere to the checkpoint signals.

“The security personnel has been apprehended and taken to prison in Rumbek North County, while awaiting investigation and court trial,” a statement from the office of the governor read.

“Justice will be served accordingly,” it added.

The statement also mentioned that Rumbek North County, where the incident took place is heavily under security patrol after the recent attack at Maper market of Rumbek North County.

According to the statement from the office of the Lakes state governor, the sad incident was not a road ambush from random armed civilians but an isolated case.

“The Governor of Lakes State assures the general public of the security and stability of Lakes State and such isolated cases will be dealt with as per the rule of law,” it reads.

In response, two of the survivors say the vehicle was stopped at gunpoint and therefore, they were ordered to get off of the vehicle.

“We lost the direction and upon our return after realising that it was wrong road, we were stopped on the road at gunpoint by one armed man. Two of our brothers knelt down with hands up. The person who ordered us did not talk and after some minutes of silence, he turned his back to us and rose up his hand, and immediately we shot by the people who were in ambush while we do not know. They shot Akon on the stomach until the intestine came out. And other two were also shot and all of us were asked to lay down including those who were injured and Akon was suffering down until she died. It was a planned and agreed action against us,” the two of the survivors testified.

In addition, the family representative Ustaz Wol Deng Akeen described the act coordinated incident and not an isolation matter.

“As a family we were saddened and shocked behind imagination. The children were set on to be killed. It was the police vehicle that rescued them from the attackers. Rumbek is not safe and people have to be careful while using it,” Ustaz Wol added.

The incident has angered many social media users who called for immediate justice to take place.

The body of Late Akon and two people who sustained injuries were taken flown to Aweil by Air on the 6th March 2022.

There were 14 passengers in the vehicle.

Recently, Lakes State Governor Rin Tueny has been praised by many people that he improves security situation in the area after the state experience issue of revenge and cattle raiding violence.