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Why insecurity persists across the country?

By Taban Henry

The National Minister of Interior said that ineffective presence of security organs is the main reason insecurity persists in most parts of the country.

This was revealed last week during a summon by the Council of States aimed to understand the root causes of the insecurity in the areas of Tombura, Abyei and the other parts of the country.

Earlier last month at least 56 people have been shot dead 35 wounded and other two children abducted after armed Murle youth from greater Pibor Administrative Area stormed Baidit an area in Jonglei State.

In a similar incident, the neighboring communities in Warrap State and that of Abyei Administrative area have been involved in armed conflict leaving 23 people dead from both sides, a conflict that they referred to as being caused as a result of land dispute.

In June last year a huge number of people have been killed and over 80,000 people displaced in an armed conflict in Tombura of Western Equatoria State.

The Minister of Interior, Mahmoud Solomon Agok said that South Sudan has been experiencing sporadic armed tribal conflict and other sorts of criminal violence ever since the beginning of this year.

“Irregular patrolling by police in the country to enable immediate and timely response or prevent occurrences of criminal action as well as effective presence in suspicious areas deters crime,” he said.

Communities in South Sudan have been involved in inter communal clashes where most people lost their lives and others forced to flee their areas seeking for safety and food.

The minister of interior stressed that the presence of illegal firearms in hands of civilians is the main cause of different armed violence that do happened now or in the past, between the communities neighboring each other.

“Prevalence of tribal and inter-state conflicts have stalled and even stalled extension of health services, educational programs to our people in the rural areas and have also impeded other proper developmental projects such as roads construction projects in the country,” he added.

Solomon mentioned that the most of the violence in the country have been aggravated by the recent natural disaster (flooding in some areas) and which have caused neighboring communities to overlap and so criminal acts by individuals from both sides creating unnecessary hatred and possibly followed by violence.

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