Armed herders displace over 17,500 in Magwi

By Adia Jildo

At least 17,500 people have now been displaced in Magwi as a result of recent clashes between armed herders and host community in Magwi County of Eastern Equatoria State.

This came after about 27 herders were allegedly killed in the cattle camp by unknown raiders.

Five people were killed during the attack in Abara, houses burnt down and destruction of property that left the host communities fleeing to neighboring payams and villages for refuge.

The Executive Director of Magwi County David Ocheng told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that over 17,500 civilians have been displaced in the areas of Abara, Nyolo and Agoro.

“The current situation of Magwi County remains fluid. It is not very promising because the host communities fear the presence of the cattle herders around Kit areas,” he said.

The host communities called for the intervention through their legislative Assembly for cattle herders to return to their land of origin so that they can embark on farming as the rainy season is approaching.

“The community has taken a stand because they don’t want to see the presence of cattle herders in their area. The state government requested the national government to intervene but nothing happen,” David said.

He called on the national and state governments to intervene as farmer’s approach rainy season to start farming.

Most internally displaced persons are taking refuge in the areas of Obbo, Magwi and Lobone for safety. David affirmed that the missing community leader is suspected to be dead since they were two who went missing while going to collect charcoal and were nowhere to be seen for a week.

David however said updates on the number of people who took refuge in Torit are not known as per now.

According to David Ocheng, there had not been any dialogue between the host communities and the cattle herders.

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