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Bishop shooting: Defense witnesses testify in court

By Adia Jildo

Two defense witnesses have testified before the court, closing the files for the defense team.

The court listened to Abraham Makur, a church youth member of Rumbek Diocese and Adhien Bol wife to the second accused Samuel Maker Mabor.

Adhien, a 23-year-old told the court that they were taken up by the police in the morning on accusation that there was a gun in their house and a phone that belonged to Samuel Maker second accused was used by the fifth accused Sebit Morris.

“We woke up on the 27th April 2021 in the morning, police came at home. They caught me and my husband and took us in custody,” she said.

Adhien said they were told by the police officers that a phone from their house was used to call and a gun was in their house.

“The soldiers entered the house and went to the ceiling and took the gun,” she narrated.

She however said the night of the incident got her asleep with her husband Samuel Maker and never knew anybody who might have come at night.

“We left the phone at the veranda to charge because we don’t have a socket inside our house,” Adhien cited.

Abraham Matur, the first witness testified for the first accused Fr. John Mathiang in defense.

Matur said there was disagreement between youth leader of Rumbek Catholic Diocese Jonah Mariel and Fr. John Mathiang.

“John did indeed a wonderful work by opening schools, hospitals. Fr. John Mathiang was continuing with his church work. Our office was open,” he said.

He said, Fr. John returned Jonah Mariel Mabeny as a youth leader after the closure of the youth office before he was in charge.

He said Jonah Marial Mabeny witness number four from the prosecutor’s side had requested for computer, a vehicle and a huge sum of money which was denied.

“There was a lot of demand made by Marial which Fr. John Mathiang said was not available,” he said.

Abraham said the letter was replied to stating that there would not be financial support and buying of equipment’s that would belong to the youth.

“I called seventeen people to settle the issue between Marial and Fr. John Mathiang after the failure of the first meeting that had failed too,” Abraham said.

He said Fr. John Mathiang announced the coming of Fr. Christian Carlassare in the church and promised to work together.

“Fr. John Mathiang and Christian Carlassare made visits to the churches in the town’s and far away from town,” he said.

He denied seeing Fr. John Mathiang with all the other accused sitting for a meeting.

The defense lawyers closed the defense case to give the court it’s time for a final verdict.

Final submission from the prosecution and defense documents on the shooting of the bishop will take place on the 25th before the final court verdict will take place.

The consecration of Bishop-elect of Rumbek is bound to happen on the 25th March as announced by the Christian Nunciation of Kenya and South Sudan in Rumbek Diocese.

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