Governor Futuyo promises to improve education

Yabongo primary School during the inspection by Governor Futuyo/Courtesy photo

By Digi

The Government of Western Equatoria Government on Monday said it’s going to put more efforts to improve the education system in the state this year.

Speaking during the inspection of Yabongo Primary School renovation in Yambio County, Governor Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba said his government is going to impact more on education this year to allow children get good education.

Early this year, the Government of Western Equatoria released one hundred million South Sudanese Pound (100M SSP) to support education in the state in which each county got 10M SSP.

“We are trying to fix the salary of the teachers, we agreed on last time that each Primary School must have 10 teachers, what I fixed last time as salary for teachers should remain as it is, or shall be increased, we want things to be changed this year,” said the Governor.

The Governor called on the chiefs to disseminate the message of education to parents so that they send their children to schools.

He said anyone who fails to send his or her child to school should be charged by the chief in that particular area.

“Last time I said all the school children should be brought to School, the one who will not bring the child to school is your (chief) income which is your responsibility because the school is already renovated and teachers are there they are also paid, so the one who will not send the child should be arrested, that person doesn’t want his or her child to learn,” said Governor Futuyo,

According to Yambio County authorities, they are going to use the SSP10 million for renovating two schools; Yabongo and Saura Primary Schools but the money would not be enough to do more renovation in other schools.

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