University graduate commits suicide in Rumbek

Courtesy photo

By Yang Ater Yang

A 27-year-old young man committed suicide by hanging himself to death and another young man made suicide attempt in Rumbek Town of Lakes State.

Mabor Mangok, was found hanging in the house on Thursday evening at 5 PM.

Lakes state police spokesperson Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac described the incident as unfortunate saying the 27 year-old man is a graduate of Medicines.

Elijah explained that the deceased wrote in a letter which he left behind that the reason why he hanged himself is that his elder brother denied his marriage.

Makuac added that the body of the deceased was taken to the police station and later returned back home for burial. 

He expressed concern that suicide has become rampant in Rumbek East and Rumbek central counties.

Mabor said on Friday that another man, Mathiang Ajuong attempted suicide by hanging himself using an electric cable in the premises of Matangai police station on the same day.

“The reason was simply because he had a quarrel with his family members by fighting with his father until he broke his father’s hand then the police came and detained him in Matangai payam police station,” he said.

Mabor appealed to local communities, international UN Agencies and NGOs who have mandate of trauma healing to carryout awareness and counseling campaign to dismiss people from traumas.

“Some people normally commit suicide because they keep all their anxieties and difficulties to themselves”.

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