Activist urges government to drive herders away

By Adia Jildo

The Executive Director Community Empowerment for Progress Organization [CEPO] Mr. Edmund Yakani has called on the government to intervene on the situation of Magwi by providing mobile forces to drive away cattle herders form Magwi County.

 Mr. Yakani said the communities of Aruu are living under fear as cattle herders pass through to their place of origin.

“The presence of herders having arms have made herders to become sensitive to the farmers,” he cited.

Yakani said farmers are taking refugee after hearing rumors of herders since they have arms causing panic.

 “Displacements are not now because of violence between cattle herders and farmers but as a result of rumors that the herders are coming,” he said.

Yakani cited failure of the government to intervene despite several calls by constituencies and community leaders.

 “I wish the national government can respond to the situation of Magwi like the way it responded to the situation of Twic and Ngok,” he cited.

 “We need a rapid mobile force that is intended to prevent violence. If we have a mobile force it will help prevent deterring violence because mobile force is much better than scattered forces,” he said.

Yakani warned on starvation if security situation is not improved as stated by the IGAD weather.

 “Where they are by passing is worrying with a threat that as cattle herders are passing, they are causing more other extra harms or the cattle destroying crops,” he said.

He said destruction of crops and insecurity will interfere and cause food insecurity if not urgently responded to.

“Stability in Magwi is very important because Magwi is a small food basket to Juba. We are going to have climate change which will force us to food insecurity specifically approaching that hunger,” Yakani emphasized.

He called on the national government to respond by ensuring security personnel to escort cattle herders accomplish their journey to their places of origin.

“Let the national government intervene by ensuring the movement of the cattle herders protected and protected by the mobile force because that would improve on the security,” he said.

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