Residential area in Yambio upgraded to Boma

Governor Futuyo receiving gift from the Community of Naakiri/Courtesy photo

By Digi

One of the Residential areas called Naakiri in Yambio County of Western Equatoria State, on Tuesday this week has been upgraded to Boma.

The announcement of the upgrading of the Naakiri Boma was made by the Governor of Western Equatoria State Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba during his visit to the area.

This comes after the Naakiri residents raised several complaints that they are eligible to be upgraded, they said they have a population of about 7,525 according to the census of 2008 and per now they have grown more than that.

Mr. Charles Deburuza, the head Youth of Naakiri said they are not getting the services because the area is not upgraded, according to the residents the services they are lacking are, health facilities, schools, clean water and land demarcation.

“Our total number is above 7,000 which was during census, and we had great number of votes during the election, till now there is no school, no good health centre for delivery, no offices for youth and women, there is no clean water and our place is not demarcated especially the market, so Governor we hope you are going to do this for us because you are the first Governor to reach this area,” said Charles,

Responding to Naakiri residents, the Governor of Western Equatoria State Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba said he has upgraded the area to Boma.

“Because of your complaints as the community of Naakiri, starting from today, this place is called Naakiri Boma not area again, and I have ordered Yambio Municipality to demarcate this area within this week so that next week I will come and we see where thse School, Health Center, Churches and Offices will be, then I will give my promise which one will I construct for you,” said Governor Futuyo.

The State authority also urged the citizens of Naakiri not have disagreement with the survey officers who are going to demarcate the place especially when school or health center falls into someone’s plot.

“What I am telling you is, if someone is pushed out during the process of demarcation, don’t complain because you are the one who requested for it, because the things you needed will take vast spaces,” he said.

Meanwhile the Mayor of Yambio Municipality His Worship John Singira, appreciated the community of Naakiri for their step of development taken but advised the youth not to take advice from wrong politicians.

“I am very happy with you because you took right procedure of development, but what I wanted to advice you on is, you should not accept someone who will come and say this person is not good or this leader is not good, because those are wrong politicians they only want to divide people, so now I will leave you with 10 bags of cement, 10 plastic chairs and some soap and sugar for the church,” said Singira.

Naakiri Boma is located east of Yambio County and it is about 3 miles away from the town.

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