Ministries warned from spending beyond the approved budget

By Taban Henry

The Members of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly have warned the ministries and the other spending agencies to strictly adhere to the passed national budget.

This was revealed to the media during an extra ordinary sitting No.1 of the National Legislature in the passing of the 2021-2022 fiscal year budget.

Addressing the media after the sitting, the chairperson of the standing specialized committee information, John Agany warned the ministries and the spending agencies to work within the appropriation Bill but not spending outside the budget allocated.

He said that the budget comprised all the chapters which have given live process to the national and the state government.

“The nation is going to execute this budget and there will be no condoning of any ministry or spending agencies to go outside this budget, we should not use the budget outside the appropriation bill and financial bills,” Agany said.

The Chairperson for Information Standing Committee revealed that the whole spending agencies have been operating without a passed budget but “today as we have already witnessed the way the appropriation Bill together with the financial Bill and the national budget have been discussed made promulgated” said Agany.

“The national legislative assembly and all the spending agencies are hereby asked to execute and follow this passed budget accordingly as directed by the National Legislature. The people of the Republic of South Sudan have got a lot of challenges concerning their salaries and other grants that they are supposed to receive through the budget,” he added.

Agany confirmed that the national budget together with the appropriation bill has finally been passed into action and the committee of finance and planning are asked to appropriate all the statements made by the members of parliament and put them in one week in the final document which has to be sent to the President to be signed into law.

“From today onwards, our government could not operate without a passed budget so the national budget has been passed thought the lifespan of this budget is very short but we believe that the operation of this budget will be for the glory and the activities of the states and the national government,” he stressed.

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