Aweil youth elects female to lead them in Juba

Chairlady elect for Aweil Youth Union in Juba Mrs Abech Aleu Ring

By Ngor Deng Mayem

Youth from Northern Bahr el Ghazal state in Juba have elected the young female in a competitive democratic exercise on Saturday night.

There were 45 registered delegates representing five counties of Aweil and among them, three people contested for the post of chairperson.

The weekend convention started on Saturday at 12 PM until 12 AM on Sunday.

As a result, two of the candidates received the same results which was 18 votes each.

Following the scenario, the third candidate Mr. Philip Gok Achuil stepped down in favour of Mrs Abech and this prompted them to go to the second race between Deng Lual and Abech Aleu.

The five member committee that organized the electoral process was headed by Mr.John Mawith Achier, Moulana Garang Geng Akot as Secretary; Dau Kur Bol was the spokesperson, Angelo Akech and Machar Aru as members.

“In the first voting both Mrs Abech Aleu Ring and Deng Lual Akok scored votes of 18. The third candidate Philip Gok accepted to step-down in favour of Abech and from there all, the delegates were asked to re-vote and from there, Abech scored 22 votes while Deng Lual received 21 votes. This means the election was free and fair,” one of the electoral Committee members narrated.

Mr. Deng Lual Akok who was defeated accepted the results saying the process was free and fair. ”We have conceded, the elections were free and fair. The Union and the entire Aweil Youth in Juba must remain United,” Deng Lual wrote on his Facebook page.

In other development, some of the supporters blamed their candidate Philip Gok Achuil for accepting to step-down in favour of Mrs Abech and not Deng Lual.

“Our common objective was to support the person with a convincing youth program. And so Deng Lual’s programme was more of restoring youth independence and encouraging youth empowerment for sustainable development. Therefore our agreement with Philip Gok was to collaborate with Deng in case things get harder as it happens” Mr. Atem Deng Anei said.

The spokesperson for the outgoing leadership Mr. Magar Dut Anei said that “being a woman is not an inability for a woman not to lead but it’s rather a biological difference between a man and a woman.

In so many parts of the world, women are serving in top positions and so the youth of Aweil, being mindful of the capabilities of a woman, decided for themselves to give a woman an opportunity to lead the third youth leadership. This is a great empowerment to women of Aweil and South Sudan at large.

I therefore join the Aweil mass population to congratulate you and other fellows of yours who too made it to the top positions. Congratulations upon your victory,” Magar expressed his opinion.

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