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Minister calls on lawmakers to pass environmental bill

Helen Ngaidok Lukurnyang, chairperson Standing Specialized Committee of Environment and Forestry in the TNLA/Courtesy photo

By Adia Jildo

The deputy Minister of Finance Agok Makur has called on the chairperson of the standing specialized committee of environment to pass the environmental bill so as to protect the environment for the future generation.

He said oil dependence has a great effect of the environment hence climate change which affects a large population in South Sudan.

“I urge the Minister of Justice to table the bill for the security of environment very soon because without regulation, you cannot punish those who cause damage on our environment,” he said.

Agok said people who have caused destruction of the environment will be taken before court if there is presence of environmental bill.

“This oil production affects our environment. This affects the whole South Sudan and not only those in that area because when we lose the people in that area, it means we lost South Sudanese,” he said.

Agok assured budget priority for the environment and agriculture ministers in the next coming fiscal year budget.

“As a government, I need to assure you that in the coming budget, we are going to give the priorities to environment and agriculture,” he said.

He said the challenge needed the support of the government and the people to maintain the environment clean and green for the next future generation.

The chairperson of standing specialized committee of environment and forestry in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly Helen Ngaidok Lukurnyang said environment has been ignored as an important resource to human life. She said since the submission of the draft of the environmental bill in 2009, the Ministry of Justice has not passed the bill to the parliament.

“We need to fight for a healthy environment to live a healthy life as people of this country” Helen said.

Helen cited high level of environmental degradation that has led to desertification of vast land hence suffering of the people.

Helen said some activities were set to be carried out before passing of the bill ever since the reconstitution of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly.

“We are going to follow up to with the Ministry of Justice to ensure that the bill is tabled to the parliament and passed,” she assured.

“The constitution of the Republic of South Sudan article 41 sub article one states clearly that people of South Sudan shall have right to healthy and clean environment and article 2 says that every person shall have an obligation to protect the environment. It’s our collective responsibility as people of this country to protect the environment,” she stressed.

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