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Industrialization remains a dream without hydropower

Dr. James Wani Igga/Courtesy photo

By Philip Buda Ladu

The Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga said South Sudan dearly needed a hydroelectric-power station built to produce strong electricity that can attract investors to establish factories in the country.

The Vice President for Economic Cluster said there are few factories built in the country because there is no reliable strong hydroelectric power plant that can supply them with electricity. He made his remarks while speaking in a public event over the weekend.

Dr. Igga said hydroelectric power production is an area where South Sudan is still lagging behind, saying “we haven’t done something yet”.

Without reliable hydropower electricity supply, industrialization will remain a dream in South Sudan, unless the country takes concerted efforts in developing its vast hydro power potential resources, will then the dream become a reality.

According to some data, the installed power capacity in South Sudan is about 131.4 MW. Out of this power 42 MW is being used in the oil fields at Palouch and 21MW is installed and operated by a private investor, Ezra Company Ltd, on a build, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) basis in Juba by March 2019.

A former official at the South Sudan Electricity Corporation said the demand for electricity is estimated at 300MW considering that the 10 State capitals currently have a demand of 225MW and the additional areas need 75MW.

The total number of electricity customers in South Sudan as of 2016 were estimated to be 30,000 with Juba city alone accounting for 20,000 where customers are on prepaid and analog meters.

Dr. Igga underscored that “if we have not built our hydroelectric power, then we have not done something as factories will not come because the factories need electricity that is strong”.

“That’s why there are youth who have graduated from the university five years now holding strong certificate, but there are no factories like the ones of Khartoum for instance, only people go to the government,” he added.

He said the government is the only option for people, especially the youth, look to yet the gov’t coffer is empty and that’s why some youth are angry.

Dr. Igga however appealed to the youth to have patience and hope for the future saying “the situation will change, so we want electricity,” he noted.

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