Uganda police arrests South Sudanese woman over attempted murder

By Ngor Deng Matem

The police in Kabalagala, Kampala City of Uganda arrested a South Sudanese woman after her sister who was accused of attempted murder, escaped.

The woman arrested was staying in the same house with her sister who was accused of committing the act.

Last week, a 16 year old South Sudanese boy from Aweil was hit in the back of the head with hardwood leaving him unconscious.

The boy was rushed to Kampala International Hospital where he is currently hospitalized.

AN assessment by the doctors confirmed that blood had entered inside the head.

“The doctors at first recommended the surgery which they say will not easily succeed but later recommended three months’ medicines with hope to fully recover after a year,” one of the relatives, Madam Aluet Akot present at the hospital explained.

For his part, the Aweil community chairman in Uganda Mr. William Ngor Majok confirmed the incident and said that legal processes have been taken.

“Yes, the police have arrested the third suspect while police are searching for the prime suspect. Both the suspect and the boy live in the same apartment. They are neighbours and had a misunderstanding and therefore the woman decided to hit the boy leaving him with serious injuries in the head. It is said that the woman found the boy washing clothes on the compound before taking the action,” William narrated.

William further explained that “when the boy was taken to the hospital while unable to speak, the legal procedures were also taken and in the process, the suspect evacuated her residence,” he concluded.

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