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Almost 50% of security arrangement is dead

By Adia Jildo

The SPLM-IO has cited attacks by the SPLM-IG and lack of commitment as reasons for their withdrawal from the peace and security arrangement.

The chairperson and commander in chief of the SPLA-IO forces Dr. Riek Machar Teny made statement that they are not able to continue with parties that are not committed to the agreement.

Mr. Boboya James, a political analyst said a lot of actors in the peace process are pursuing their political desires rather than focusing on the interest of the citizens.

“The security arrangement process is partly dead and the only left over place is the political agreement which have political participants,” he said.

He cited failure of the agreement to lead to the unification of forces as a serious matter if agreement and talks are not reached to.

“This is not healthy for the people of South Sudan, it makes people worried of the situation because even 2013 and 2016 indication of violence started like this,” he said.

He urged the parties to put together the agenda of peace and unity between different parties.

He said the SPLM-IO had legitimate reasons for their withdrawal from the committee.

“I urge the SPLM-IO and the SPLM-IG and other political parties to think of how to continue to work together to build genuine peace for South Sudanese to benefit from the peace.

He said the peace that existed during the implementation of the peace agreement has changed the life and little development in the society.

“The economic survival of South Sudanese is improving, social survival, and social fabrics is beginning to improve. We want this momentum to be maintained and this should be the focus of the government today and for the future. If there are resources, these resources should be used for providing services that the society needs instead of using this money for defections between parties to fund violence, atrocities, create human right violations, to maintain power or to encourage corruption” said Boboya.

He said the government should rather focus on bringing peace for the people.

Boboya urged the peace guarantors, Sudan and Uganda to discuss these issues so as to move to the next step.

“The President of this nation and Dr. Riek Machar and the leadership need to take leadership very seriously and build peace,” he said.

He said in regards to the coming of Pope, bringing peace should be the effort of the government, media, citizens and churches needed to work together.

“We need tranquility, we want to progress like any other country, we want to make sure that our country has one single army responsible for the protection of the territory and the constitution rather than the political parties” he said.

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