Over 40 traffic police officers promoted to different ranks

By Chol Makol Riak

Jonglei state traffic police on Friday promoted more than 40 traffic police officers to different ranks.

Details also showed that the traffic police were also welcoming their senior officers who were transferred from police headquarters and national traffic police as well.

Speaking to media, Mach Garang Mach, one of the Jonglei state traffic police officers said that what happened has not been done for a long time.

Mach applauded the director for Jonglei state traffic police for considering their hard work.

“Today is our happiest day; we really thank our director for considering our hard work. We have been working hard with a lot of challenges that are facing us but we try our best to make sure everything goes smoothly, so today our director decided to pay us back for our hard work through promotion,” Mach expressed.

Mach also urged the drivers and riders to cooperate with the traffic police officers and make sure the rate of accidents is reduced in the state capital Bor.

Meanwhile, Samuel Bidit Latjor, the director of Jonglei state traffic police appreciated the government of South Sudan for continuous support in this critical time in South Sudan.

“We have been playing our role as the state traffic police; we have challenges especially in mobility. Jonglei state governor have given us a piece of land on which our office will be constructed. I really appreciate the efforts done by the state and national government during my time,” Samuel said.

The rate of accidents has been on rise in the state adding that last year there were over 153 accidents in the state capital.

“We have been using boda-boda for movement going to some location of which there are incidents that had happened, we do that for the sake of our people and that is the spirit of having your nation in your heart,” he added.

He appreciated the traffic officers who have been working with him to make sure that all the services needed are fulfilled.

Maj. Gen. Achiek Chol Amin, the dupty police commissioner in Jonglei state said that, they honoured the promotion of the Non-commissioned officers or NCOs who have been promoted to different ranks.

“Today we have come to receive our officers who are transferred from the headquarters to traffic police unit, we know there are a lot of challenges facing this unit and as we are talking now we have cars that have been given to the government of Jonglei state and this unit deserves to be given a car to simplify their movement,” Achiek said.

He said the outgoing director has done a lot adding that the new director would continue with the good work done by the former director.

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